Stop Playing All The Dating Games...

About Us


Over Forty Singles is all about finding the right place for you to be experiencing your dating life, and we know that you’ve been around the block a few times to know what you’re looking for. Hopefully our goals are as hopeful as yours: to make dating fun, safe and a positive experience. Our community of singles have made their mark all across the nation and we’re sure we already know a great group of people near you that you can relate to.

After each member has gone through a preliminary background check we take our time to get to know you personally before we send you out into our own private dating pool. While we’re getting to know you personally, you’re getting to know us and the many ways that we operate. For instance, we think you’ll immediately be drawn to our premiere video personals and photography that comes with being an Over Forty Singles member. Here you’ll have the opportunity to let our other singles know what you’re all about.

Then after we’ve all gotten to know each other better, we will introduce you to our singles with exciting singles events that are held every week. These are a great opportunity to get to know our singles like you away from the pressure of one on one dating. Here you can also see how certain members feel about certain activities that may really interest you. These activities can range from sporting events to wine and cheese tasting events, all located near you.

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